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Sola Salon Studios, 3355 N Lincoln ave Studio 24, Chicago, IL 60657



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Hi! I am so excited to see you soon! Just a heads up, these are the new requirements and I kindly need your cooperation 🙂

– NO outside food or drinks

– Bring ONLY keys, payment, and phone

– NO ONE can come with you

– You must wait outside or in your car until I am ready for you. DO NOT come early unless i ask you to. If it is raining, you can wait in the downstairs hallway. Kindly try to keep 6 feet apart from others.

– The building is locked now. TEXT ME when you arrive and I will text you the code to get in the door.

– You can take the elevator to the second floor (one person at a time on elevator please) or the stairs.

– If you need to use the restroom first, now is the time. The restrooms are located across the hall from my studio.

– I will take your temperature at my studio (studio 24) If you have a fever, we will have to reschedule you.

– You will then be asked to wash your hands for TWENTY seconds (with lots of soap and lather those hands up! Scrub scrub scrub!!) at the sink inside my studio.

– I will then provide you with an alcohol wipe to sanitize your phone.

  • Chemical clients with long appointments: If we arranged before you bringing a laptop for work, this is when we will sanitize your laptop with a Clorox wipe.

– You HAVE to remain in your mask at all times. If you need a break, we can pause service and you can step outside to take your mask off and breathe.

– Beverages and snacks are not allowed anymore. I can’t offer you wine  😦

Illinois allows ONLY mini bottles of water. I will be providing this for you!

  • Color and chemical clients: I will be leaving the studio while you process so you can relax and sip some water.

– We are encouraged to not round brush as the air blows into our eyes as we pull the hair smooth. I will not be doing round brush styles anymore until we are past Covid.

– I will blow dry you to natural texture utilizing a vent brush and then smooth with a flat iron to detail your cut and/or tame your hair. Don’t worry, I won’t make you 2002 Avril Lavigne straight. 

– I will be performing keratin services as normal as I do not utilize round brushes for smoothing treatments. 

– I will have surgical tape for sensitive skin available to tape your mask to your face if needed. I can also provide a procedure mask if you are doing color and don’t want your fancy mask to get stained.

– During the shampoo, I will wear a shield for our safety. Throughout the service, I will be in a mask the entire time.

Everything in the studio is Lysoled between guests after cleaning surfaces with Barbicide spray and/or isopropyl alcohol. My implements soak in Barbicide.

I am avoiding unnecessary retail trips, not traveling, not joining my friends in social gatherings, not going out to bars and restaurants, and always masked when outside my home.

I invested in a medical grade air purifier that filters out everything from the air including viruses like COVID-19

I take my health and your health very seriously. If you refuse to wear a mask, we will need to reschedule you.

Thank you so much and I can’t wait to see you! (Feel free to text me any questions)

***** if you have recently traveled to a risky state or country in the last 14 days please reschedule *****

51097DE6-C2E2-44CA-B213-D9A7DA84DC69.jpeg     Blush is Amanda Vasconcellos 

Hi!! I am Amanda! I am originally from Houston, Texas. After living in Austin for a while, I relocated to Chicago after attending Riot Fest 2013 and falling in love with the city. 14 years in the industry, I am highly trained in TIGI Colour and precision cuts. I love fixing bad haircuts and color! If you are needing a new look or just maintaining what you have going on now, come see me!

Keratin treatments, bobs, highlights, fine hair, bangs, detailed precision cuts, and razor cuts are my favorites. *Doesn’t do pixie cuts

Blush is a studio salon

Blush is a one-chair studio salon for an elevated luxury salon experience. While at Blush you can enjoy a relaxing and quiet environment tailored to the mood that you wish to set. Feel free to bring work to get done, books to read, or good gossip to chat about. I love a good “Hair-apy” session and getting to know you better with each visit. I truly take pride in the connections I have with my guests. Enjoy wine, Nespresso, and other snacks and beverages whilst you process and relax. You will truly love the experience you have at Blush.

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